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X-Men - Storm Front Parts 1-2/Bloodlines is a UK VHS/DVD release by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment on 29th April 2002. The UK DVD release by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment on 20th March 2006.


Three episodes of the animated comic strip adventures. In 'Storm Front - Parts 1 and 2' Arkon lures Storm to the planet of Corus and the team follow, only to discover that Arkon is due to be married. They also discover that the workers on Corus are in fact Arkon's slaves and when Storm and the rest of the crew try to leave the planet, Arkon considers wreaking havoc... Whilst in 'Bloodline' the team are recruited by Nightcrawler to save his estranged mother. But the team begin to suspect something is up.

Episode info[]

  1. Storm Front Parts 1-2
  2. Bloodlines


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