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The X Files File 8 Tempus Fugit is the eighth video in the file series for the American Sci Fi TV programme The X Files in which certain 2 or 3 part episodes were edited into a movie type format. It was originally released in 1997. This particular video edited together the episodes "Tempus Fugit" and "Max" (from season 4)


After encountering a blinding beam of light at twenty-nine thousand feet, a commercial jet plunges to the ground, killing all on board. Was the crash of Flight 549 caused by mechanical failure, human error...or covert forces trying to conceal a stunning government secret?

In the ensuing search for answers, agents Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) learn that Max Fenig was a passenger aboard the ill-fated flight. Fenig claimed to be an alien abductee and was allegedly transporting evidence of a UFO cover-up at the time of the disaster.

Mulder suspects the U.S. military may have shot down the commercial jet to keep Fenig from reaching his destination. But at the bottom of a desolate lake, Mulder will uncover compelling evidence of the military's true target that night.. a craft of unidentifiable origin.