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The X Files File 5 82517 is the fifth video in the file series (but was the forth one to be released because File 4 Colony was delayed until 1997) for the American Sci Fi TV programme The X Files in which certain 2 or 3 part episodes were edited into a movie type format. It was originally released in 1996. This particular video edited together the episodes “Nisei" and "731" (from season 3) the title refers to the number of a train car in which Mulder is trapped during much of the latter episode

This along with File 1 The Unopened File, File 2 Tooms, File 3 Abduction, File 6 Master Plan and File 7 Tunguska were also released on Laserdisc.


While investigating a videotape of an alleged alien autopsy, FBI agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) discovers a heavily guarded military warehouse containing a mysterious object that appears to be from beyond this world. Has he finally found tangible proof of the government's contact with extraterrestrials?

His partner, Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), believes it's all just a smoke screen to cover-up an even more chilling secret - a multinational conspiracy to conduct dangerous genetic experiments on innocent civilians. Mulder boards the train on which the alien autopsy was performed in a desperate attempt to uncover the truth. But this time the truth will be something he never could have expected.

As each secret is revealed, the mystery only deepens...