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The X Files File 12 The End is the twelfth video in the file series for the American Sci Fi TV programme The X Files in which certain 2 or 3 part episodes were edited into a movie type format. It was originally released in 1998. This particular video has only the episode "The End" (the last episode of season 5) as well as a 45 minute documentary “Inside the X Files” (This documentary is included as a bonus feature on the DVD and Blu Ray releases of season 5).


Gibson Praise, a child chess prodigy competing in an international tournament, barely survives a harrowing assassination attempt. Mulder and Scully's investigation raises a puzzling question: is Gibson everything he appears to be?

The answer emerges when the agents uncover the bou's hidden secret. Gibson possesses psychic abilities far beyond anything thought humanly possible - astounding powers of clairvoyance that may allow him to unlock the mysteries behind all paranormal phenomenon.

But Krycek and the syndicate's conspirators will stop at nothing to keep Gibson's inhuman powers in check. When another murder attempt fails, their target becomes the life work of Mulder himself. everything in the X-Files.