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The X Files File 10 Emily is the tenth video in the file series for the American Sci Fi TV programme The X Files in which certain 2 or 3 part episodes were edited into a movie type format. It was originally released in 1998. This particular video edited together the episodes "Christmas Carol" and "Emily" (from season 5).


A cryptic phone call leads Scully to the scene of a woman's suicide. There, she encounters the dead woman's adopted daughter - a young girl named Emily who bears an Uncanny resemblance to Scully's sister Melissa. In an effort to identify the child's. biological mother, Scully conducts a DNA test and makes an unfathomable discovery... Meanwhile, forensic clues have surfaced suggesting Emily's mother may have been murdered, But when the prime suspect is also killed, Mulder begins to suspect that powerful, unseen forces are at work. The deaths appear to be part of a cover-up of a secret experiment involving genetically engineered children. The purpose of this experiment remains a mystery to Mulder. The identities of its unwitting test subjects, however, have become chillingly clear.