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The Very Best of Monty Python's Flying Circus - Parrot Sketch Not Included is a UK VHS release by CBS/Fox Video on 5th November 1990.


It’s all here, the very best of MONTY PYTHON’S FLYING CIRCUS, in one side-splitting compilation. Twenty years of classic comedy history in 73 scintillating minutes. The very best of Python? Yes indeed, selected by the Pythons themselves.
Immortal sketches including The Ministry of Silly Walks and the Spam sketch and the Lumberjack Song and Dennis Moore, the Silly Olympics, the Man with a Tape Recorder up his Nose, the Flying Sheep, the Fish Slapping Dance, the Spanish Inquisition and the Gumbies and the very best of Terry Gilliam's amazing animations. All of them together in one place, in a nutshell as it were, all on this one essential video.
But what about the Parrot Sketch?


  • Introduction by Steve Martin.


  • Steve Martin as the Presenter.