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The Simpsons - Viva Los Simpsons is a UK VHS release by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment on 6th March 2000. The UK DVD released on 18th April 2005.


Four more animated escapades with Springfield's finest. In 'Homie the Clown', Homer's enrolment at Krusty's new clown college results in him being targeted by the Mob. '$pringfield' sees Marge forming an addiction to gambling after the increasingly Howard Hughes-like Mr Burns opens his new casino. In 'Viva Ned Flanders', Ned asks arch-slob Homer to help him loosen up a little, and all is okely-dokely until he ends up married to a cocktail waitress in Sin City. 'Homer at the Bat' sees Homer's place on the nuclear power plant's baseball team placed in jeopardy when Mr Burns fills his hand-picked squad with major-leaguers. D'oh!

Episode Info[]

Homie The Clown -- What do you do when you're a famous clown on the verge of bankruptcy? Open a Krusty the Clown College! And what do you do if you're Homer Simpson? You enrol! See Homer taken on the regional role of a lifetime: Krusty the Clown! Then see Homer become a target for the people Krusty has made very angry: The Springfield Mob!
$pringfield -- It begins with Henry Kissinger losing his glasses in a toilet and ends with Robert Goulet singing the "Batman" version of "Jingle Bells" And in between, Mr. Burns opens a casino for adults, Bari opens a casino for kids, Marge develops a gambling addiction, and Lisa poorly represents the state of Florida! Does legalised gambling shake up the Simpsons? You bet!
Viva Ned Flanders -- When legendary milquetoast Ned Flanders suddenly realises he is leading a boring life, he's left with no choice but to man the ways of woo hoo from his greatest enemy, Homer J Simpson! Homer's crash course in crazy leads the duo to Sin City where they party, gamble, and accidentally marry two cocktail waitresses!
Homer at the Bat -- Mr. Burns is so sure that the power plant softball team will beat their arch rivals, he bets a million dollars that they'll win. Why is he so sure? Cause he's filling the team with real-life major leaguers! But what about heavy-hittin' home-run Homer? Will he be winning the game or warming the bench?


Trailers and info (VHS)[]

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Trailers and info (DVD)[]

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