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The Simpsons - Risky Business is a UK VHS/DVD release by 20th Century Studios Home Entertainment on 7th April 2003.


Four more adventures with everyone's favourite dysfunctional animated family. In 'Realty Bites' Marge starts work under Lionel Hutz at his real estate office. However she is told that she must sell in the first week or else she will be fired. So she sells a house to the Flanders family, neglecting to tell them that several people had been murdered in it... In 'Homer the Smithers' Homer replaces Smithers while he is on leave (only so that Smithers can look good when he gets back). However, as Homer hates the job he ends up punching Mr Burns who promptly fires Smithers on his return. Can Smithers get his job back? In 'Deep Space Homer' Homer is chosen to man a NASA spacecraft. But things do not go according to plan. Finally, in 'Marge Gets a Job' the Simpsons house seems to be sinking and so Marge gets a job at the nuclear plant to pay for the repairs. However, Mr Burns gets a crush on her and even manages to kidnap Tom Jones in an effort to woo her.

Episode Info[]

  1. Realty Bites
  2. Homer the Smithers
  3. Deep Space Homer
  4. Marge Gets a Job


Trailers and info[]

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