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The Simpsons - Crime and Punishment is a UK VHS release by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment on 3rd November 1997. The UK DVD released on 7th February 2005.


Four crime themed episodes of the popular cartoon sitcom. In 'Marge in Chains', Marge is arrested for shoplifting and soon finds herself accused of all manner of crimes. In 'Homer the Vigilante', Homer is elected the leader of the local vigilante group, but his team create more havoc than they stop. In 'You Only Move Twice', the family have to move to another area when Homer starts to work for a super-villain. Finally in 'Bart the Fink', Krusty is arrested for one of the biggest tax cheats in history, and it is Bart who inadvertently exposes him.

Episode Info[]

  1. Marge in Chains
  2. Homer the Vigilante
  3. You Only Move Twice
  4. Bart the Fink


Trailers and info (VHS)[]

  1. The Simpsons UK VHS Promo (1997-1998) (Dark Secrets of the Simpsons, Springfield Murder Mysteries and Crime and Punishment)
  2. The Simpsons Cartoon Studio UK VHS Advert
  3. The Simpsons Virtual Springfield UK VHS Advert

Trailers and info (DVD)[]

  1. DVD Piracy it's a Crime Advert
  2. The Simpsons DVD Collection Trailer (2004-2005) (High Tone)