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The Games is a UK VHS release by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment on October 1982.


Once every four years the world goes to war, and they call it The Games.

A fascinating look into the world of long distance running as four athletes prepare for the gruelling 26 mile marathon in the Rome Olympics. The film follows the athletes - English amateur Michael Crawford, Yale undergraduate Ryan O'Neal, Aborigine mechanic Athol Compton and 41-year-old Czech colonel Charles Aznavour - from their training for the race through to the race itself which produces drama of the kind that only the marathon can provide! Stanley Baker as Crawford's fanatical trainer and Jeremy Kemp as a small-time promoter both have key roles and the screenplay is by Erich Segal (author of Love Story), himself a former amateur marathon runner. A Michael Winner film.


  • Michael Crawford as Harry Hayes, British competitor
  • Ryan O'Neal as Scott Reynolds, American competitor
  • Charles Aznavour as Pavel Vendek, Czech competitor
  • Jeremy Kemp as Jim Harcourt
  • Elaine Taylor as Christine
  • Stanley Baker as Bill Oliver
  • Athol Compton as Sunny Pintubi, Australian competitor
  • Rafer Johnson, Ron Pickering & Adrian Metcalfe as Commentators
  • Kent Smith as Kaverley
  • Sam Elliott as Richie Robinson
  • Mona Washbourne as Mrs. Hayes
  • Reg Lye as Gilmour
  • June Jago as Mae Harcourt
  • Don Newsome as Cal Wood