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My Best Friends Too is a UK VHS release by National Children's Home and BBC on 14th February 1999.


Episodes that are featured on the Tape[]

  1. Bump and the Talking Tree
  2. Spot Goes to the Fair
  3. Old Bear and Friends: Little Bear's Big Race
  4. Fireman Sam: Lost in the Fog
  5. Tots TV: Hedgehog
  6. Pingu the Icicle Musician
  7. Danger Mouse: The Return of Count Duckula 
  8. Teddy Trucks: Rosie's Day Out
  9. Noddy's New Friend
  10. SuperTed's Dream
  11. Rosie and Jim: Painting
  12. Spot Goes to the Fair
  13. Postman Pat's Rainy Day
  14. Nellie the Elephant: Nellie Goes Time Traveling 


  • Bump: © Bump Enterprises Ltd. 1993 © Abbey Broadcast Communications Plc.
    © Videal Productions GMBH. 1993
  • Spot: From the Spot books by Eric Hill. © 1993 King Rollo Films Ltd.
  • Jane Hissey's Old Bear and Friends: Stories and Artwork © Jane Hissey.
    Licensed by Random House, UK, Ltd. Produced by Optomen Television. © Carlton Television. 1993
  • Fireman Sam: Film by Bumper Films Ltd. for S4C and Prism Art and Design Ltd.
    with Thanks to the Fire Service. © S4C MCMXC.
  • Tots TV: © 1993 A Ragdoll Production for Central Independent Television Plc.
  • Pingu: © 1993 Editory/SRG.
  • Danger Mouse: © Cosgrove Hall Productions Ltd 1993. 
  • Teddy Trucks: © Abbey Broadcast Communications/Michelle Cartridge 1993.
  • Noddy: © BBC Enterprises 1992. Based on the Noddy books by Enid Blyton.
  • SuperTed: Films © MCMLXXXIV S4C. SuperTed (TM) © MCMLXXXIV Mike Young and
    © Petalcraft Demonstrations Ltd.
  • Rosie and Jim: Film by Ragdoll Productions (UK) Ltd.
    © 1992 Central Independent Television Plc.
  • Spot: From the Spot books by Eric Hill. © 1993 King Rollo Films Ltd.
  • Postman Pat: © Woodland Animations 1988.
  • Nellie the Elephant: © 1993 101 Film Productions Ltd.

Programme Credits []

Here are the credits to the programmes on this children's compilation video whereas the Pingu episode on this video contains no credits at all.


("Bump and the Talking Tree")[]
  • Stories by Christopher James.
  • Narrated by Simon Cadell.
  • Animated by CMTB Animation.
  • Edited by Nick Upton.
  • Art and Music by Steve Augarde.
  • Art Director: Peter Corri.
  • Executive Producer for the BBC: Theresa Plummer-Andrews.
  • Executive Producer for Abbey Communications: Anne Miles.
  • Directed by Terry Brian.
  • Produced by Dennis Hooper.
  • © Bump Enterprises Ltd 1993.
  • An Abbey Broadcast Communications plc./Videal Producktions - GMBH Production.
  • © Abbey Broadcast Communications plc. Videal Producktions GMBH 1993.

The Adventures of Spot[]

("Spot Goes to the Fair")[]
  • Based on the books by Eric Hill.
  • Produced by King Rollo Films Ltd.
  • Voiced by Paul Nicholas.
  • Music by Duncan Lamont.
  • © 1993 King Rollo Films Ltd.

Old Bear Stories[]

("Little Bear's Big Race")[]
  • Narrated by Anton Rogers.
  • Written by Jane Hissey.
  • Animation by Humphrey and Fin Leadbetter.
  • Music by Paul Castle.
  • Video Editing by Nick Follows.
  • Dubbing Mixer: Nigel Glynn-Davies.
  • Puppet Makers: Val Jones, Monique Brown and Alix Harrwood.
  • Sets by Colin Armitage.
  • Props by Pippa Randolph and Sue Phillips.
  • Executive Producer: Peter Gillbe.
  • Produced by Richard Randolph.
  • Directed by Kevin Griffiths.
  • Characters © Jane Hissey.
  • Licensed by Random House (UK) Ltd.
  • An Optomen Television Production
    in association with Ealing Animation
    for Carlton Television.
  • © Carlton Television 1993.

Fireman Sam[]

("Lost in the Fog")[]
  • Voices by John Alderton.
  • Characters and Storylines created by Rob Lee.
  • Original idea by Dave Gingell and Dave Jones.
  • Assisted by Mike Young.
  • Written by Nia Ceidiog.
  • Sets by Beverley Knowlden, Linda Thodesen,
    Janice Shakespeare, Barrie Zafar and James Nevill.
  • Vehicles by Brian Anderson and Alun Jones.
  • Puppets by Ian Frampton and Allison Hall.
  • Engineering consultant: Mel Grigg.
  • Assistant animator: Timon Dowdeswell.
  • Director of animation: Brian Anderson.
  • Edited by William Oswald and Elen Lewis.
  • Sound by John Cross.
  • Music by Ben Heneghan and Ian Lawson.
  • Lyrics by Robin Lyons.
  • Sung by Maldwyn Pope.
  • Executive Producers: Christopher Grace and Theresa Plummer-Andrews.
  • Produced and Directed by Ian Frampton and John Walker.
  • Production by Bumper Films Ltd for S4C and
    Prism Art and Design Limited with thanks to the Fire Service.
  • © S4C 1990.

Tots TV[]

  • Tilly's Puppeteer: Véronique Déroulède.
  • Tom's Puppeteer: Robin Stevens.
  • Tiny's Puppeteer: Andrew Davenport.
  • Donkey - from the Blue Cross Animal Welfare Society.
  • Jane Pardoe: from Whipsnade Wild Animal Park.
  • With thanks to Penny Boyd at Burstow Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Written by Robin Stevens, Andrew Davenport and Jack Ousbey.
  • Educational Advisors: Jack Ousbey and Joan Conway.
  • Graphics by Bob Cosford.
  • Mr Noah Animation by Semafor Studios
    Coordinated by Rory Fellowes.
  • Camera by Mike Callan.
  • Sound by Patrick Morris.
  • Technical Assistants: Daryl Kibblewhite and Brett Davis.
  • Lighting Director: Howard Evason.
  • Electricians: Jack Coggins and Robin Johnson.
  • Site Manager: Adrian Small.
  • Unit Managers: Nigel P Harris.
  • Edited by Jonathan Bravo and Paul Hodgson.
  • Dubbing Mixer: Harry Jacobs.
  • Associate Producer: Paul Mathew.
  • PA/Continuity: Annie Gibbs.
  • Design Assistants: Sahron Nash and Frances Duncan.
  • Art Director: Penny Lane.
  • Assistant Director: Robin Toyne.
  • Production Manager: Susan James.
  • Music by Andrew McCrorie-Shand.
  • Production Designer: Bob Berk.
  • Directed by Martin Goodsmith.
  • Devised and Produced by Anne Wood.
  • A Ragdoll Production for Central.
  • © Central Independent Television plc 1993.

Danger Mouse[]

("The Return of Count Duckula")[]
  • Voices by David Jason, Terry Scott, Edward Kelsey and Brian Trueman.
  • Written by Brian Trueman.
  • Music by Mike Harding.
  • Music Production by Richie Close.
  • Animated by Jean Flynn and Meryl Edge.
  • Backgrounds by Malcolm Turner and Diane Wren.
  • Paint and Trace by Phillip McMylor, Roy Huckerby, Peter Kidd, Monica McCartney and Andrew Wilson.
  • Editing by John McManus.
  • Camera by Frank Hardie and Wendy Senior.
  • Produced by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall.
  • Directed by Brian Cosgrove.
  • A Cosgrove/Hall Production © 1980.

Teddy Trucks[]

("Rosie's Day Out")[]
  • Written by Chris Allen.
  • Voices by Carole Boyd and Jonathan Kydd.
  • Based on the Teddy Trucks books by Michelle Cartlidge.
  • Storyboards by Mark Mason.
  • Backgrounds by Michelle Graney.
  • Animation Director: Simon Turner.
  • Animated by Nick Love-Gittins and Rob Newman.
  • Rostrum Camera by Jim Davey.
  • Paint and Trace by Whizzline Trace & Paint.
  • Music by Kick Production.
  • Directed by Derek Mogford.
  • Produced by Jo Pullen.
  • Executive Producer for Abbey Broadcast Communications: Anne Milles.
  • BBC Executive Producer: Theresa Plummer-Andrews.
  • BBC Producer: Joan Lofts.
  • © Abbey Broadcast Communications/Michelle Cartlidge 1993.

Noddy's Toyland Adventures[]

("Noddy's New Friend")[]
  • Based on the stories by Enid Blyton.
  • Story written by Julia and Chris Allen.
  • Voices by Susan Sheridan and Jimmy Hibbert.
  • Music Composed and Performed by Paul K. Joyce.
  • Animated by Paul Berry, Sue Pugh and Lloyd Price.
  • Puppet Makers: Noel Baker, Marcia Pidgeon, Colin Batty, Peter Saunders,
    Peter Bentley, Bridget Smith, Ian MacKinnon and Stuart Sutcliffe.
  • Sets and Props by Rick Kent, Chris Keogh, Jeff Spain,
    Paul Simpson, Richard Sykes and Pippa Greenwood.
  • Costumes Made by Helen Plaumer, Clare Elliott and Geraldine Corrigan.
  • Art Director: Bridget Appleby.
  • Assistant Designer: Graham Maiden.
  • Production Supervisor: Christine Walker.
  • Model Camera and Lighting by Jerry Andrews and Joe Dembinski.
  • Edited by Nibs Senior.
  • Assistant Editor: Bob Ashton.
  • Dubbing Mixer: John Wood.
  • Directed by Brian Little.
  • Executive Producer: Theresa Plummer-Andrews.
  • Produced by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall
    with thanks to Sylvia Rosen.
  • Produced for BBC Enterprises by Cosgrove Hall Productions Limited.
  • Based on the 'NODDY' books by Enid Blyton.
  • © BBC Enterprises 1992.


("SuperTed's Dream")[]
  • Produced by Mike Young.
  • Designed and Directed by Dave Edwards.
  • Written by Robin Lyons.
  • Based on the Characters Created by Mike Young.
  • Film Producer: Roger Fickling.
  • Voices by Derek Griffiths, Peter Hawkins, Melvyn Hayes,
    Roy Kinnear, Jon Pertwee, Victor Spinetti and Sheila Steafel.
  • Key Animator: Les Orton, Chris Fenna, Chris Caunter and Lloyd Sutton.
  • Assistant Animator: Gary Hurst.
  • Inbetweeners: Steve John, Mike Price, Tony Ardolino and Christine Fotheringham.
  • Background Artists: Mike Wall and Ian Henderson.
  • Storyboard and Layouts by Wayne Thomas and Andrew Offiler.
  • Editing and Sound Effects by Stuart Murray and Ivan Naisbitt.
  • Dubbing Studio by Mag Masters.
  • Music Composed by Chris Stuart and Mike Townend.
  • Music Arranged and Conducted by Mike Towend.
  • Music Produced by Ambarel.
  • Personal Assistance by Andrea Tudor.
  • Paint Design and Colour Mixing by Wendy Keay-Bright.
  • Checkers: Sara Markham and Sue Rider.
  • Special Effects by Graham Bebbington.
  • Assistant: Geral Emanuel.
  • Infotec Operator: Christopher Plummer.
  • Trace and Paint Supervisor: Philip Watkins.
  • Trace and Paint by Ron Erickson, Fiona Fenna, Melanie Hill, Lisa-Ann James,
    Frank Koller, Carol Leslie, Ceri Matthews, Hazel Guy, Jacqui Miller,
    Sue Paton, Samantha Reynolds, Philip Simmonds, Mick Stubbs, Rosemary Thorburn,
    Martyn Yates, Matthew Gut and Anna-Louise Roberts.
  • Siriol Line-Test Camera by Peter Jessett.
  • Rostrum Camera by Graham Orrin Rostrums.
  • Film Laboratories by Studio Film and Video Laboratories.
  • Made in Wales by Siriol Animation Ltd.
  • Films © 1984 S4C.
  • SuperTed © 1984 Mike Young and Petalcraft Demonstrations Ltd.

Rosie and Jim[]

  • Written and Presented by John Cunliffe.
  • Jim's Puppeteer: Robin Stevens.
  • Rosie's Puppeteer: Rebecca Nagan.
  • With thanks to Jack Holloway's Hardware Store.
  • Graphics by Roger Berry.
  • Animation by Peter Lang and Alan Rogers.
  • Facilities by Optical Image Broadcast.
  • Lighting Cameraman: Derek Gruszeckyj.
  • Camera Assistant: Nigel P Harris.
  • Sound by Dave Lowe.
  • Runners: Paul Lewis and Adrian Small.
  • Sound Dubbing by Paul Luxford.
  • Edited by Rob Ollerton.
  • Continuity by Pauline Pearson.
  • Production Manager: Susan James.
  • Assistant Production Co-ordinator: Grant Williams.
  • Design Assistant: Penny Lane.
  • Boatman: Geoff Loader.
  • Associate Producer: Robin Stevens.
  • Music by Andrew McCrorie-Shand.
  • Devised by Anne Wood and Doug Wilcox.
  • Designed by Bob Berk.
  • Produced by Anne Wood.
  • Directed by Doug Wilcox.
  • A Ragdoll Production for Central.
  • © Central Independent Television 1990.

Postman Pat[]

("Pat's Rainy Day")[]
  • Written by John Cunliffe.
  • Designed and Directed by Ivor Wood.
  • Music by Bryan Daly.
  • Narration and Vocals by Ken Barrie.
  • Edited by Martin Bohan.
  • Produced by Woodland Animations Ltd.

Nellie the Elephant []

("Nellie Goes Time Traveling")[]
  • Painting by Pauline De Witt, Roger Lougher, Simonette Mougne,
    David Pedley, Charlotte Sackett and John & Kozue Tillett.
  • Tracing by Sharon Cawdery, Chris Coates and Katherine R. Cowan.
  • Trace and Paint Co-ordinator: Anne Ward.
  • Animation by Paul Donnellon, Alan Green, Dick Horn, Bill Lee, Geoff Loynes and Rosemary Welch.
  • Background Design by Janet Nunn and Terry Ward.
  • Animation Equipment by Chromacolour Ltd.
  • Film Processing by Studio Film + Video Laboratories Ltd.
  • Dubbing by Ted Spooner at Video London Sound Studios Ltd.
  • The Voice of Nellie by Lulu.
  • Narrator and Character Voices by Tony Robinson.
  • Title Song by Ralph Butler and Peter Hart.
    © 1956 Dash Music Co Ltd, 8-9 Frith Street, London W1.
    Sung by Lulu.
  • Production Co-ordinator: Andy Dixon.
  • Assistant Director and Layouts by Janet Nunn.
  • Rostrum Camera by Filmfex Services.
  • Incidental Music by John Hyde.
  • Film Editing by Morgan Daniels Ltd.
  • Written by Richard Everett and Bernie Kay.
  • Produced and Directed by Terry Ward.
  • Produced and Directed by Terry Ward.
  • A 101 Film Production for Central. © 1990.