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My Best Friends is a UK VHS release by National Children's Home and BBC on 2nd August 1993.

Episodes that are featured on the Tape[]

  1. Noddy's New Friend
  2. Rupert and the Knight
  3. Rosie and Jim: Automata
  4. Postman Pat's Birthday
  5. The Herbs: The Chives Catch Colds
  6. Fireman Sam: Brass Band 
  7. Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes:
    Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  8. Astro Farm: Astro Dragon
  9. Spider: Panda Comes To Stay
  10. SuperTed Kicks Up Dust
  11. Pingu's Circus
  12. Paddington Bear: Do It Yourself
  13. Sooty: A-Z of Animals (Excerpt)
  14. Tots TV: Fox (Excerpt)


The producers of this programmer would like to thank the following for their valuable contribution to the compilation of this videocassette.

  • Noddy: © BBC Enterprises 1992. Based on the Noddy books by Enid Blyton. © Darrell Waters 1949-1968.
  • Rupert the Bear: © Express Newspapers/Rupert TM Edited excerpt from 'Rupert and the Knight' Courtesy of Tempo Pre School Video.
  • Rosie and Jim: Produced by Ragdoll Productions (UK) Ltd.
    © 1992 Central Independent Television Plc. Video Collection International Ltd.
  • Postman Pat: © Woodland Animations 1992.
  • The Herbs: © Michael Bond/FilmFair Inc. Courtesy of Tempo Pre School Video.
  • Fireman Sam: © 1985 Prism Art and Design Ltd. Film © 1990 S4C-Channel 4 Wales.
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Taken from Roald Dahl's 'Revolting Rhymes'. Courtesy of Tempo Video.
  • Astro Farm: A Filmfair Production for Central Independent Television Plc. © 1992 Central Independent Television Plc.
  • Spider!: © Hibbert Ralph Entertainment Ltd 1991.
  • SuperTed:© Petalcraft Demonstrations Ltd 1985/1986. Taken from 'SuperTed's Bumper Video'. Courtesy of Tempo Video.
  • Pingu: © 1993 Editory/SRG
  • Paddington Bear: © Michael Bond/Paddington & Co. taken from 'A Bear Called Paddington'. Courtesy of Tempo Pre School Video.
  • Sooty: © 1990 Thames Television International Ltd. Video Collection International Ltd.
  • Tots TV: © 1993 A Ragdoll Production for Central Independent Television Plc.

Programme Credits[]

Here are the credits to the programmes on this children's compilation video.

Noddy's Toyland Adventures[]

("Noddy's New Friend")[]
  • Based on the stories by Enid Blyton.
  • Story written by Julia and Chris Allen.
  • Voices by Susan Sheridan and Jimmy Hibbert.
  • Music Composed and Performed by Paul K. Joyce.
  • Animated by Paul Berry, Sue Pugh and Lloyd Price.
  • Puppet Makers: Noel Baker, Marcia Pidgeon, Colin Batty, Peter Saunders,
    Peter Bentley, Bridget Smith, Ian MacKinnon and Stuart Sutcliffe.
  • Sets and Props by Rick Kent, Chris Keogh, Jeff Spain,
    Paul Simpson, Richard Sykes and Pippa Greenwood.
  • Costumes Made by Helen Plaumer, Clare Elliott and Geraldine Corrigan.
  • Art Director: Bridget Appleby.
  • Assistant Designer: Graham Maiden.
  • Production Supervisor: Christine Walker.
  • Model Camera and Lighting by Jerry Andrews and Joe Dembinski.
  • Edited by Nibs Senior.
  • Assistant Editor: Bob Ashton.
  • Dubbing Mixer: John Wood.
  • Directed by Brian Little.
  • Executive Producer: Theresa Plummer-Andrews.
  • Produced by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall
    with thanks to Sylvia Rosen.
  • Produced for BBC Enterprises by Cosgrove Hall Productions Limited.
  • Based on the 'NODDY' books by Enid Blyton.
  • © BBC Enterprises 1992.


(The edited excerpt from "Rupert and the Knight")[]
  • A Nelvana - Ellipse - TVS Production.
  • Based on Rupert Characters from the Daily Express.
  • Executive Producers: Michael Hirsh, Patrick Loubert, Clive A. Smith,
    Philippe Gildas, Pierre Bertrand-Jaume and J. Nigel Packard.
  • Supervising Producers: Stephen Hodgins and Philippe Grimond.
  • Produced by Patricia R. Burns.
  • Directed by Dale Schott.
  • Story Editing by Peter Sauder.
  • Creative Consultants: Ian Robinson and Hilary Baverstock.
  • Creative Development by Raymond Jafelice.
  • Associate Producer: Neil Court and Ian F. Miles.
  • Voice Director: Debra Toffan.
  • Casting Director: Jessie Thomson.
  • Voice Talent by Ben Sandford as Rupert, Torquil Campbell as Bill Badger, Oscar Hsu as Pong Ping,
    Hadley Kay as Podgy Pig, Guy Bannerman as Mr. Bear, Lally Cadeau as Mrs. Bear, Keith White as Algy Pug,
    Colin Fox as the Professor, Stephanie Morgenstern as Tiger Lily and Wayne Robson as the Sage of Um.
  • Production Supervisor: Steve Chadwick.
  • Production Managers: Ruta Cube and Nicholas Pesques.
  • Unit Manager: Tyler Baylis.
  • Unit Director: Al Jeffrey.
  • Layout Coordinators: Sean Figueroa and Philippe Vidal.
  • Design Coordinators: Patty Beausoleil and Kathleen Pepper.
  • Storyboard Coordinator: Barb Sachs.
  • Recording Coordinator: Shirley Gulliford.
  • Production Coordinators: Hasmi Giakoumis and Jocelyn Hamilton.
  • Script Coordinator: Erika Strobel.
  • Production Secretary Coordinator: Franco Veronique.
  • Production Design by Ted Bastien.
  • Character Design by Cythnia Ward.
  • Designers: Ross Campbell, Andrew Hickson, Doug Thomas, Robert Walton and Michael McKay.
  • Art Direction by Clive Powsey and Carol Bradbury.
  • Paint Supervisor: Mary Bertoia.
  • Animation Director: Gary Hurst.
  • Assistant Animation Supervisor: Tony Egizii.
  • Animators: Scott Collie, John de Klein, Denis Gonzalez, Bradley Goodchild, Mark Komza, Eva Smith, Justin Wang, Greg Court, Scott Glynn, Melanie Allen, Alan Knappett, Lynn Reist, Mike Tweedle and Jean Pilotte.
  • Score by Milan Kymlicka.
  • Music produced by Cantus Productions Ltd.
  • Supervising Editor: Rob Kirkpatrick.
  • Post Production Manager: Lan Lamon.
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Mac Holyoke.
  • Picture Editors: Richard Bond and Karen Saunders.
  • Assistant Picture Editor: John Sanders
  • Dialogue Editors: Keith Traver, Sheila Murray and Annellie Samuel.
  • Sound Effects Editors: John Baktis, Eric Mattar-Hurlbut, Glenn Barna and Craig Marshall.
  • Music Editors: Stephen Hudecki and Peter Branton.
  • Negative Cutting Services by Catherine Rankin Productions.
  • Additional Production Facilities: Hanho Heung Up., Ltd. and Lapiz Azul Animacion S.A.
  • A Canada-France Coproduction with TVS Television.
  • Rupert characters TM and © Express Newspapers, PLC.
  • Series © 1991 Nelvana Limited and Ellipse Programme S.A.,
    the owners and authors of the copyright in the film under British and other laws.
  • Music © 1991 Nelvana Limited.
    the owner and author of the copyright in the music under British and other laws.

Rosie and Jim[]

  • Written and presented by John Cunliffe.
  • Jim's Puppeteer: Robin Stefens.
  • Rosie's Puppeteer: Rebecca Nagan.
  • Written by John Cunliffe and Robin Stevens.
  • With thanks to Graham and Pat Whithead, Ashorne Hall.
  • Graphics by Roger Berry.
  • Animation by Peter Lang and Alan Rogers.
  • Boatman: Geoff Loader.
  • Lighting Cameraman: Derek Gruszeckyj.
  • Sound Engineer: Colin Vinton.
  • Unit Manager: Nigel Harris.
  • Editors: Nick Hayward-Young and Jonathan Bravo.
  • Dubbing Mixer: Harry Jacobs.
  • Researcher: Paul Mathew.
  • Production Assistant: Sue Pethybridge.
  • Production Manager: Susan James.
  • Design Assistant: Penny Lane.
  • Educational Advisor: Joan Conway.
  • Music by Andrew McCrorie-Shand.
  • Designed by Bob Berk.
  • Devised and Produced by Anne Wood and Robin Stevens.
  • Directed by Vivienne Cozens.
  • A Ragdoll Production for Central.
  • © Central Independent Television 1991.

Postman Pat[]

("Postman Pat's Birthday")[]
  • Written by John Cunliffe.
  • Designed and Directed by Ivor Wood.
  • Music by Bryan Daly.
  • Narration and Vocals by Ken Barrie.
  • Edited by Martin Bohan.
  • Produced by Woodland Animations Ltd.

The Herbs[]

("The Chives Catch Colds")[]
  • Written by Michael Bond.
  • Puppets by Ivor Wood.
  • Music by Tony Russell.
  • Lyrics by Brenda Johnson.
  • Story told by Gordon Rollings.
  • Decor by Rafael Esteve.
  • Assistant Animation by Claude Copin.
  • Directed by Ivor Wood.
  • Creative Co-ordinator: Norman James.
  • Produced by FilmFair, London.
  • Executive Producer: Graham Clutterbuck.

Fireman Sam[]

("Brass Band")[]
  • Voices by John Alderton.
  • Characters and storylines created by Rob Lee.
  • Original idea by Dave Gingell and Dave Jones.
  • Assisted by Mike Young.
  • Written by Nia Ceidiog.
  • Sets by Beverley Knowlden, Linda Thodesen,
    Janice Shakespeare, Barrie Zafar and James Nevill.
  • Vechicles by Brain Anderson and Alun Jones.
  • Puppets by Ian Frampton and Alison Hall.
  • Engineering consultant: Mel Crigg.
  • Assistant animation by Timon Dowdeswell.
  • Director of animation: Brian Anderson.
  • Edited by William Oswald and Elen Lewis.
  • Sound by John Cross.
  • Music by Ben Heneghan and Ian Lawson.
  • Lyrics by Robin Lyons.
  • Sung by Maldwyn Pope.
  • Executive Producers: Christopher Grace and Theresa Plummer-Andrews.
  • Produced and Directed by Ian Frampton and John Walker.
  • Production by Bumper Films Ltd for S4C and
    Prism Art and Design Limited with thanks to the Fire Service.
  • © S4C 1990.

Revolting Rhymes[]

("Goldilocks and the Three Bears")[]
  • Story written by Roald Dahl.
  • Based on the original illustrations by Quentin Blake.
  • Voices by Timothy West and Prunella Scales.
  • Artworks by Whizzline Productions.
  • Using the Talents of Tony Garth, Headley Peadley, Stephen Hales, Simon Turner
    Hedley W. Allison, Louise Harding, Lisa Stephenson, Lynn Durrans,
    Sue Plummer and Penny Taylor.
  • Film Editing & Rostrum Camera by Filmfair Ltd.
  • Online Edited by Robin Parsons at Spitfire Television.
  • Music Produced by Graham Goodwin.
  • Executive Producer: Anne Miles.
  • Produced by Jo Pullen.
  • An Abbey Broadcast Communications Production.
  • © Collins Publishers/Abbey Broadcast Communications Plc 1990.

Astro Farm[]

("Astro Dragon")[]
  • Devised by David Yates and Andy Ellis.
  • Written by John Sayle.
  • Music by Dave Cooke.
  • Directed by David Johnson.
  • Voices by Tina Heath, Jonathan Kydd and Richard Tate.
  • Stories and original design by Andy Ellis.
  • Song lyrics by Paul Field.
  • Animation by Mark Waring.
  • Camera by Simon Paul.
  • Studio Assistant: John Ellis.
  • Sets by Alan Murphy.
  • Model Makers: Heather Boucher and Colin Armitage.
  • Puppet Makers: Maxine Guest, Simon Quinn and Sam Holland.
  • Costumes by Margaret Haden.
  • Edited by Simon Cox.
  • Senior Editing by Andi Sloss.
  • Production Supervisor: Robert Dunbar.
  • Produced by Kath Swain.
  • Executive Producer: David Yates.
  • A FilmFair Production for Central.
  • © Central Independent Television PLC 1992.


("Panda comes to Stay")[]
  • Produced by Hibbert Ralph Entertainment in association with BBC Enterprises.
  • © Hibbert Ralph Entertainment Ltd 1991.
    10 D'Arblay Street, London W1.
    All rights reserved and asserted.


("SuperTed Kicks Up the Dust")[]
  • Designed and Directed by David Edwards.
  • Written and Produced by Robin Lyons.
  • Executive Producer: Mike Young.
  • Voices by Derek Griffiths, Peter Hawkins, Melvyn Hayes,
    Roy Kinnear, Jon Pertwee and Victor Spinetti.
  • Animated by Tony Guy.
  • Assistant Animator: Hugh Workman.
  • Storyboards by Wayne Thomas and Andrew Offiler.
  • Layouts by Tom Bailey.
  • Background Artist: Ian Henderson.
  • Editing and Sound Effects by Terry Brown.
  • Dubbing Studio by Mag Masters.
  • Music Composed by Chris Stuart and Mike Townend.
  • Music Arranged and Conducted by Mike Townend.
  • Music Produced by Ambarel.
  • Production Co-ordinator: Philip Watkins.
  • P.A. to Director: Andrea Tudor.
  • Paint-Design and Colour-Mixing by Wendy Keay-Bright.
  • Special Effects by Graham Bibblington and Gerald Emanuel.
  • Checker: Sara Markham.
  • Tracers: Fiona Fenna, Sue Paton and Anna Louise-Roberts.
  • Painters: Ron Erickson, Melanie Hill, Lisa-Ann James, Frank Holler, Carol Leslie,
    Cero Matthews, Samantha Reynolds, Philip Simmonds and Martyn Yates.
  • Infotec Operator: Christopher Plummer.
  • Siriol Line-Test Camera by Peter Jessett.
  • Rostrum Camera by Graham Orrin Rostrums.
  • Film Laboratories by Studio Film and Video Laboratories.
  • Made in Wales by Siriol Animation Ltd.
  • Film © 1985 Williams & Glyn's Leasing Group.
  • SuperTed © 1985 Mike Young & Petalcraft Demonstrations Ltd.
  • Distributed by S4C.
  • The Copyright in this programme is the property of the Copyright Owner.
  • © Williams and Glyn's Leasing Group 1984.


("Pingu's Circus")[]
  • Trickfilmstudio: Otmar Gutmann.
  • © 1990 SRG / ZDF / Telepool.


  • Written by Michael Bond.
  • Music by Herbert Chappell.
  • As told by Michael Hordern.
  • Animated and Directed by Ivor Wood.
  • Edited by Chris Wright.
  • Sound by Peter Rann.
  • Colour by Technicolor.
  • Produced by FilmFair London. © 1975.

Learn with Sooty[]

(the "A to B" excerpt from A to Z of Animals)[]
  • © 1990 Thames Television International Ltd,
    Video Collection International Ltd.

Tots TV[]

(The "Tom's Hiccups" excerpt from the Fox episode)[]
  • © 1993 A Ragdoll Production for Central Independent Television Plc.


  • All of the programmes, except Sooty and Tots TV, show a whole episode. Sooty only shows a five minute clip because it was taken from Children's Pre-School Favourites.
  • The programmes were specially chosen by the person whose character was their favourite.


  • Noddy's New Friend has an 's' on the end of the title but Noddy only made one new friend in the episode.
  • The Chives Catch Colds is missing the 's' on the end of the title.
  • The back cover states that the Tots TV episode 'Camel' is featured, but the episode is actually called 'Fox'. Also, instead of the whole episode, it shows the last few minutes of that episode.
  • Scampi is mentioned in the intermissions but he does not appear in Learn with Sooty.

Video clips[]


My Best Friends (1993 UK VHS)