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Damien Omen II is a UK VHS release by Magnetic Video on May 1981. It got re-released by 20th Century Fox on 1982.


The first time was only a warning.

The second chilling instalment in The Omen trilogy with the child anti-Christ Damien Thorn (orphaned in strange circumstances and adopted by Gregory Peck in the first film) now a 13-year-old at a Chicago military academy and one step nearer the White House. Raised by his wealthy uncle (William Holden) he slowly eliminates everyone who stands in his way as he makes inroads into big business and climbs to a position of power. A macabre thriller, marked by several bravura horror passages - a drowning beneath the ice of a frozen lake, a blinding from a raven's beak and death by power cable - and notable supporting performances from Lee Grant, Robert Foxworth, Lew Ayres and Sylvia Sidney. Jonathan Scott-Taylor features as the teenage Damien.


  • William Holden as Richard Thorn
  • Lee Grant as Ann Thorn
  • Robert Foxworth as Paul Buher
  • Lew Ayres as Bill Atherton
  • Sylvia Sidney as Aunt Marion
  • Jonathan Scott-Taylor as Damien Thorn
  • Nicholas Pryor as Dr. Charles Warren
  • Lance Henriksen as Sergeant Daniel Neff
  • Elizabeth Shephard as Joan Hart
  • Lucas Donat as Mark Thorn
  • Allan Arbus as David Pasarian
  • Meshach Taylor as Dr. J. Kayne
  • Fritz Ford as Murray
  • Leo McKern (uncredited) as Carl Bugenhagen
  • Ian Hendry (uncredited) as Michael Morgan
  • Owen Sullivan as Byron
  • Corney Morgan as Greenhouse Technician