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Brubaker is a UK VHS release by Magnetic Video on November 1981. It got re-released by 20th Century Fox on 1982. It got re-released by CBS/FOX on . It got re-released by Fox video on .


The most wanted man in Wakefield prison is the Warden!

Henry Brubaker (Robert Redford), a newly appointed prison warden, passes himself off as a convict and spends his first few days at the prison observing the squalor and brutality of the institution from the inside. Revealing his true identity to the guards, he sets out on a programme of prison reform but when he discovers the existence of a number of secret graves he uncovers a scandal and corruption among prison officers and local businessmen. This stark, modern drama based on the workings of a real penal institution, contains the best of Redford's recent screen appearances and co-stars Yaphet Kotto and Jane Alexander.


  • Robert Redford as Henry Brubaker
  • Yaphet Kotto as Dickie Coombes
  • Jane Alexander as Lillian Gray
  • Murray Hamilton as John Deach
  • David Keith as Larry Lee Bullen
  • Morgan Freeman as Walter
  • Matt Clark as Purcell
  • Tim McIntire as Huey Rauch
  • Richard Ward as Abraham Cook
  • M. Emmet Walsh as C.P. Woodward
  • Albert Salmi as Rory Poke
  • Linda Haynes as Carol
  • Everett McGill as Caldwell
  • Val Avery as Wendel
  • Ronald C. Frazier as Willets
  • David D. Harris as Duane Spivey
  • Joe Spinell as Birdwell