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Beneath the Planet of the Apes is a UK VHS release by Magnetic Video on 1979. It got re-released by 20th Century Fox on June 1982. It got re-released by CBS/Fox Video on 2nd May 1988.


In this sequel to 'Planet of the Apes', astronaut Brent (James Franciscus) is on a special mission to rescue George Taylor (Charlton Heston). Teaming up with Taylor's mute former comapnion, Nova (Linda Harrison), Brent travels to the ape village where he was imprisoned. After meeting Dr Zira (Kim Hunter), Brent learns that Taylor was last seen in the Forbidden Zone. He sets off in pursuit, and discovers that his colleague has been taken prisoner by an underground society of telepathic mutant humans who worship an atomic warhead. Meanwhile, Dr Zaius (Maurice Evans) has joined a gorilla expedition to investigate the strange goings on in the Zone. Followed by 'Escape from the Planet of the Apes'.


  • James Franciscus as Brent
  • Kim Hunter as Zira
  • Maurice Evans as Dr. Zaius
  • Linda Harrison as Nova
  • Paul Richards as Mendez
  • Victor Buono as Adiposo (credited as Fat Man)
  • James Gregory as General Ursus
  • Jeff Corey as Caspay
  • Natalie Trundy as Albina
  • Thomas Gomez as Minister
  • Don Pedro Colley as Ongaro (credited as Negro)
  • David Watson as Cornelius
  • Tod Andrews as Skipper
  • Gregory Sierra as Verger
  • Charlton Heston as Taylor
  • Roddy McDowall as Cornelius (uncredited, opening archive footage from Planet of the Apes)
  • Paul Frees (uncredited end narration)


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