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Battle for the Planet of the Apes is a UK VHS release by 20th Century Fox Video on 198 and it got re-released by CBS/Fox Video on 2nd May 1988.


This sequel to 'Conquest of the Planet of the Apes', which brings the series to its conclusion, opens in 2670 with ape Lawgiver (John Huston) relating how, following the 1991 simian rebellion, mankind embarked on a terrible nuclear war. In the devastation which followed, Caesar (Roddy McDowall) and the apes seized control, ruling benevolently over the human survivors, and working to rebuild society. However, civil war was being fomented by ambitious gorilla general Aldo (Claude Akins), and when Caesar ventured into the devastated city to seek out recordings of his late parents, Cornelius and Zira, he incurred the wrath of a group of mutant human survivors.


  • Roddy McDowall as Caesar
  • Claude Akins as Aldo
  • Natalie Trundy as Lisa
  • Severn Darden as Kolp
  • Lew Ayres as Mandemus
  • John Huston as the Lawgiver
  • Austin Stoker as MacDonald
  • Noah Keen as Teacher
  • Richard Eastham as Mutant Captain
  • France Nuyen as Alma
  • Paul Stevens as Mendez
  • Heather Lowe as Doctor
  • Paul Williams as Virgil
  • Bobby Porter as Cornelius
  • Michael Stearns as Jake
  • Cal Wilson as Soldier
  • Pat Cardi as Young Chimp
  • John Landis as Jake's Friend


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