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Bartok the Magnificent is a UK VHS release by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment on 1st November 1999.



  • Hank Azaria as Bartok
  • Kelsey Grammer as Zozi
  • Catherine O'Hara as Ludmilla
    • Frank Welker as Dragon Ludmilla (uncredited)
  • Andrea Martin as Baba Yaga
  • Tim Curry as The Skull, the entrance/guard to Baba Yaga's hut.
  • Jennifer Tilly as Piloff, Baba Yaga's pet
  • French Stewart as Oble
  • Phillip Van Dyke as Prince Ivan Romanov
  • Diedrich Bader as Vol, Ivan's friend and the Captain of the Guard.
  • Glenn Shadix as Townspeople
  • Danny Mann as Head Cossack

A young Grigori Rasputin makes a silent appearance among the crowd at the Romanov castle.


Trailers and info[]

  1. Anastasia (Buy It on Video)
  2. Rusty the Great Rescue (Coming Soon to Video)
  3. Ever After a Cinderella Story
  4. Croc2 (from Playstation and Fox Interactive)
  5. Bartok the Magnificent Sing-Along